14 May

Mothers Day

Posted by Brent Looyenga

I realize this is two blogs in a row featuring my son Isaiah, but i thought in the spirit of things it wouldn't hurt. It was mothers day last Sunday, after all. It's pretty cool to see my son hang out with his Mom. They get along so well, and she is so good at making him laugh it sometimes makes me jealous. While there is no doubt he loves me, you can tell he has some amazing feelings toward his mother.


That's the thing when it comes to kids, they change your perspective. You realize how much you can love someone. While your wedding day is huge, and you love your spouse, it seems children bring everything to a whole new level.  When Isaiah smiles it's contagious in a whole new way. There's something so genuine about it, even when it's fake, that just makes you feel like all is right in this world. He does things like fake laugh at jokes (jokes we don't understand) and says cheese when you point a camera at him (unless he doesn't want to that is). It's so cool to see him grow up. And with that, grow into a more real and better relationship with myself and his mom, Crystal. 

These photos were taken a couple days ago when Isaiah was playing in the local elementary school playground with his cousin. I just got a new (awesome) lens, a 35mm f/1.4 for those of you wondering, and i wanted to try it out. I love it when i have excuses to take pictures of my son. In this particular photo, i caught him doing something he loves to do, that is, skip. He skips all all over the place, especially when he's happy. And today he was, he ran himself to the point of exhaustion (which was my goal). 

This is his cousin Bella. They were having an awesome time sliding down the slide. Bella would also throw rocks down with her (note her hands), which Isaiah wasn't too fond of. 

With a wedding coming up in Los Angeles in the next 10 days, I'm sure you'll be seeing less of my family for a while, so enjoy it. ;) 



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