24 Aug

Spokane Country Wedding: Nick & Stevie

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Bride details including shoes, pearl necklace and other details near Spokane Washington

Spokane Country Wedding: Nick & Stevie

Make sure you check out Nick and Stevie's Photo Story! 5 Minutes and you can experience the wedding in a different way. 

Nick and Stevie had one of the most fun wedding's I've been to in a long time. As a Spokane wedding photographer I don't always get to be with my friends when they get married, either their date has me off to some other location, some other wedding, or they are getting married in a place I can not be and still fulfill my other commitments and weddings. So when my good friend Nick Buley asked me to talk with him and Stevie about photographing their wedding for them, I was so pumped. There is nothing like being there for someone's wedding, but it's an even greater privilege when you're friends, when you care about them, and when you love their family. 

Nick and Stevie had a couple things stand out to me during their wedding. One of the most enjoyable dances I've seen was theirs. Perhaps it was because I knew they spent so much time practicing, or because it was amazing in it’s own right, or because they were so obviously having fun, but for a first dance at a wedding, it was excellent. Another thing that I loved was their notes to each other, something you can’t really be told about, but you have to hear for yourself. I love it when emotion is shown not just in the face, but in the voice. Then of course there is the sunset. Easily some of my favorite sunset wedding photos I've taken, with such beautiful colors, details, and textures. 

Nick and Stevie had what I would classify as an epic wedding. One that I'll remember for a long time not because of the location, not because of the details or because of any one thing that was there, rather, because of the people. Nick and Stevie are excellent people, and so were the ones at their wedding. They are friends, and I was honored to be able to photograph their wedding. 

The Makeup was by the excellent Shasta Hankins. The DJ's were Ramsin Music. Mostly everything else was done by the bride, groom and their families. 

Bride and groom just before reveal, with bride coming up behind the groom in the forest.

Spokane wedding photograph of a bride and groom just as the groom see's his bride for the first time.



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