28 Aug

Coeur d’Alene Engagement Photography: Josh & Haley

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Coeur d'Alene engagement photo of couple in forest kissing days before their wedding

Coeur d’Alene Engagement Photography: Josh & Haley

I love photographing weddings. And while wedding photography is something I do, and love, it’s complemented so much by engagement photos. I love hearing how couples meet. Josh and Haley aren’t from Spokane. They met when they were in Austin, Texas. Josh was there for some basketball games, and they happened to be in the same bar. Josh and his teammates caught Haley’s eye because they are actually taller than her. There aren’t a lot of great options when you’re 6'3" barefoot. But Josh is 6'8", so he had that covered.



From what I understand, Haley and her friends tried to “end up” at the same bar Josh and his buddies were at, but in the end it was Haley who almost ran into him (literally). It took Josh less than five minutes to ask for Haley’s number, and they parted ways. They would hang out one more time in Austin before they left town (two days later). Haley told me she was still trying to figure Josh out. He checked too many boxes: kind, friendly, considerate, handsome, athletic, tall, smart. She kept looking for the “but” in the sentence.


She was still trying to figure it out when Josh flew out to Oregon to see her. What is wrong with him? It turns out, nothing. They had a blast. And when she flew to Oklahoma to see him, it started to look real. These two were doing the long distance thing, talking and making things work. Josh really is that great, and Haley really is that amazing.


One of the cool things about Josh and Haley’s engagement story is the fact that neither of them had any hesitation. I mean, they did, but each time something would normally have come up, it went so well. Josh got her number right away, they started texting right away, things clicked right away. And now they are married! We did their engagement photos in Coeur d’Alene only a couple days before their beautiful Hagadone Event Center wedding, and I can’t wait to share those photos with you.



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