31 Aug

Spokane Wedding at Trezzi Farm: Kory & Megan

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Bride getting ready downtown Spokane at Shasta Hankins makeup artist location.

Spokane Wedding at Trezzi Farm: Kory & Megan

Kory and Megan’s wedding was beautiful. As a wedding photographer in Spokane, I know there are a lot of incredible locations we can photograph, and Kory and Megan's wedding really hit a lot of those spots. We started off downtown Spokane at Shasta Hankins makeup studio where our beautiful bride, Megan, was getting her makeup done. The rest of the prep took place at their house - where Janet Suzanne did the hair - and we then promptly met up with Kory at one of Spokane’s most beautiful parks - Manito.


One of the highlights for me though was after the wedding ceremony, when we went north to Green Bluff and Trezzi Farm. Trezzi Farm is beautiful for many reasons, from the landscape all the way down to the chairs. Each part of the details so thoughtfully laid out by Sophie Solinsky, the owner of Soiree Event Design. We had a lot of ideas when we arrived, and it was great being able to utilize such a beautiful space - not just for the reception but also for sunset photos. 

Sunset photography was a little different this time around as the smoke in the air was diffusing the light so much the sun was just an orange ball in the sky. Giving a crazy warm haze through the whole sky and changing the way the light bounced and moved in the image. 

Kory and Megan were such a great couple to work with. They were willing to do basically anything and were fun to talk to and spend time with. It was also great getting to know different members of their bridal party and their beautiful families. Who someone is, is often reflected in the company they keep, and I have nothing but good things to say about Kory and Megan’s closest friends. 

I would love to thank Rose and Blossom for some excellent center pieces and flowers, along with Robert Benda, an excellent Dj. 


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