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Idaho Farm Engagement: Marc & Nathalie

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Spokane engagement photo of couple smiling after bride left lipstick mark on grooms cheek.

Idaho Farm Engagement: Marc & Nathalie

I love Marc and Nathalie's story. Something that is becoming more and more common. As I photograph weddings in the Spokane area and the west coast, I love seeing how each couple's experience changes, even if the first sentience is the same. For Marc and Nathalie, that sentence goes like this: They met online. 


Spokane couple standing in field with trees behind them with bride looking at the groom but the groom looking at the camera. Spokane engagement photo of couple standing in a field kissing in the morning light.

Marc said his friend told him to write a couple sentences about himself, add a couple photos, and then not finish his profile. Nathalie loved it. She ended up sending him a message first. Marc was all about that so they decided to have their first date "half way". For Marc this meant about 20 minutes of driving after work, for Nathalie, it meant about an hour and a half of driving through traffic. Not so "halfway" after all. 

Spokane engagement photo of couple hugging but with the groom hugging bride from behind.

The date went super well though, in spite of Marc asking a serious of questions that made Nathalie think she was in the middle of a job interview - she even asked him that. That didn't deter them though, as conversation went really well. Marc said he was that way because he was "very nervous." 


That night Marc would ask her if she wanted to come with him to a Sounders game, after all, it was a great plan. Something to watch (so you don't have pressure to talk), it's fun, casual, and a good opportunity to flirt. And flirt Marc did, they held hands for the first time at the event, and Marc even put his arm around Nathalie at one point which "Gave (her) butterflies" 


It seems things just clicked from the beginning with these two, and it was only a couple of weeks after meeting for the first time that they decided to make it official. And now, this coming summer, they are going to make it official for real - forever - and I get to be there for their beautiful Spokane wedding at the Chataue Rive downtown Spokane. 


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