09 Nov

Spokane Family Photos: Doug & Julie

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Spokane fall family photo taken at Manito Park with the couple and their dog sitting on a hill smiling at the camera.

Spokane Family Photos: Doug & Julie

Doug and Julie are a pretty amazing couple, and when you include their amazing, beautiful dog you end up with a pretty awesome family. Family photos are something I always love to do, in so many ways it is the end result of a wedding. I photograph so many weddings, which is, in a way, the beginning of any family. So often that is when a couple starts to set apart their own traditions, their own way of doing things. So when I have the opportunity to take family photos, it's a beautiful thing to see what came from such a beautiful day. In Doug and Julie's world, that means an incredible dog, in a pretty awesome city, Spokane, and one small but beautiful family. 



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