13 Nov

Beautiful Mountaintop Engagement: Scott & Kendra

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Spokane area couple taking engagement photos on a mountain top smiling looking at the camera

Beautiful Mountaintop Engagement: Scott & Kendra

He swiped right, and so did she. In this way, Scott and Kendra met - using an app called Tinder. The thing is, when they both swiped right they got "matched" but they never talked. They just moved on. No message was sent, no emoji. Eventually they would swipe right again - and get matched again. Except even then, they never talked. This happened several times, but finally after about the 4th time Scott decided he would message her (she was beautiful after all).

"It's about time I said hi" he said, or something similar. Kendra and him would talk on the Tinder app for about 4 to 6 weeks before they would decide to meet finally. Something that took so long wouldn't be slowed by anything else, once they met they hit it off, and never looked back. I asked them if they ever had a "DTR (Define the relationship)" or if they just kind of always assumed they were together since they met, and they had. I loved hearing this Coeur d'Alene couples story while taking their engagement photos at Scotts Cabin out by Hayden lake. The remoteness, the view, the beauty made me jealous. They knew they were to be together, and now on July 7, in Bend Oregon, I have the privilege of being able to photograph their wedding. I can not be more excited. 


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