22 Nov

Incredible November Winter Engagement: Doug & Destiny

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Spokane area couple kissing in a snowy field for their engagement photos

Incredible November Winter Engagement: Doug & Destiny

I love it when I get the opportunity to photograph my friends. I've talked about it a lot, but there is something about being at a wedding where you know the couple, where you know their friends, and you get to be there to experience all of it. Not just the ceremony and reception, but the prep, the first look, the portraits. I love being able to see the couple and interact with them, being able to experience some of the biggest moments of their lives, and capture that moment.

When my wife and I moved back to the Spokane area after college, I met Doug. Doug was someone that valet'd with me at the Coeur d'Alene Resort as I learned more and more about being a photographer, and eventually started doing a lot of weddings in the Spokane area. Fast forward to years later my friend Doug has found a girl. I asked how they met, and the credit needs to go straight to the free month of Match.com. Doug and Destiny both signed up for a trial month, but it didn't take long for them to find each other. Destiny said she loved Doug's smile, and she couldn't help but say hi to him. Things ended up going pretty quickly, because neither of them wanted to actually PAY for Match.com, so Destiny got Doug's number a little quicker than normal and they started to talk. 

Doug found out that Destiny and him had a lot in common, in fact, they were often in the same places at the same time, yet they never met. So when they finally did meet, things seemed to go very well (obviously). Personally, I loved my time with them, not only has Doug been a friend of mine for years, but Destiny is incredibly gorgeous, and makes taking photos just easy. She's one of those people that is fun to have around, and I know I'm going to enjoy getting to know better. They have some awesome chemistry and make me very excited to photograph their wedding this coming summer. 


Brent Looyenga is a Spokane Wedding Photographer based out of Coeur d’Alene. He loves people and specializes in wedding, engagement, family, and senior photography. You can like Looyenga Photography on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


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