05 Dec

Spokane Wedding Photography: Jordan & Bailey

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Spokane wedding photo of bride getting her makeup done just before her wedding day starts.

Spokane Wedding Photography: Jordan & Bailey

Before you do anything, go watch this Spokane Wedding of Jordan and Bailey, listen to what they have to say, and watch their Photo Story! It's pretty awesome. 

Jordan and Bailey are some pretty amazing people. They are kind and thoughtful, they are energetic and loving, they have amazing friends and family, and they are people I highly enjoy being around. Their incredible backyard wedding was filled with so many moments, so many smiling faces and emotion that I couldn't seem to cut any more photos out of this blog.

So sorry about that. Things like their reveal had so much anticipation, so many great smiles and hugs, laughing and crying that I ended up with more photos there than perhaps any other wedding I've posted all year. How could I take one out? Their portraits were beautiful with so many fall colors, great expressions and such a beautiful landscape. I can only think of how great it would have been to grow up in such an amazing place. Then if we move on to their reception, where the toasts were candid, and the laughter was real.

Their best friends, their loved ones made such great toasts to who Jordan and Bailey are that it took me a long time to narrow it down to what you see in this blog. Jordan and Bailey's wedding had it all, and I'm so excited that I have the privilege of sharing it with you. Not only do I get to share the photos, but I can share the Photo Story with you as well, where we can all take part in hearing Jordan when he see's Bailey for the first time. I love it, and I'm so excited, and privileged, to share these with you. 

And also don't forget to watch their Photo Story




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