22 Jan

Spokane Winter Engagement: Will & Britta

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Future bride and groom standing in the snow with the bride looking right at the camera as snow falls all around them, and the groom looking at the bride.

Spokane Winter Engagement: Will & Britta

When Britta first saw Will they were at a concert. Will was walking around and Britta thought to herself "that is the best looking guy I have ever seen in my entire life". It turns out that she ended up meeting him a little later because she had a friend that was mutual friends with one of Will's friends. But of course, when they met, they said hi and sparks flew.

Except they didn't. 

They met and Will thought Britta was "way out" of his league, so he didn't talk to her at all. They talked to Wills friend while he sat there. That said, Will did start following Britta on social media (Instagram I believe) and Britta started following him. They would talk randomly, here and there, over the next 4 or 5 years or so.

A couple years after that first meeting, after staying kind of in touch via social media, Will found himself in the same town as Britta. So he joined her and her family out for some food. Britta invited him. Once he got there things took off, he loved her family and Britta and him talked all night. 

Except they didn't. 

Turns out Britta was still a little shy at this point, and she didn’t talk to him at all. When I was told this little piece of information, I asked "but, didn't you invite him?" to which Britta answered "yes, but I was so nervous!". Anyway, turns out Will spent the whole time talking to Britta's dad.. When she invited him to come to their next event, Will said a polite "no" and moved on. It would be several years later that they would meet again and sparks would fly. This time, neither of them would be so shy.

Now they are getting married, and I have the huge privilege of taking pictures of their big day, of their big moments, and sharing them with all their family and friends. I couldn't be more excited. 



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