29 Mar

Destination Engagement: Joel & Andie

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Engaged couple smiling at the camera downtown Portland Oregon in their engagement photos.

Destination Engagement: Joel & Andie

It all started with Monster caps. That is, Joel was collecting caps from Monster Energy Drinks and he asked Andie if she had any. Andie told me at this point that the only thing she thought of Joel was that he was "weird". Joel, in contrast didn't think much of anything. But a couple of weeks went by, and things changed for Joel.

She was catching his eye, and as his birthday approached, he asked her if she would come out with him and his friends for his birthday. She agreed, even though he was a little "weird" but he had some pretty cool friends - they played in a band - and all of a sudden Joel & Andie were becoming friends. They never really had a moment when they "started liking" each other, but it was after this that they found themselves hanging out together over and over again, developing a relationship that they decided to want to last forever.  


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