03 May

Business Headshots: Danny Davis

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Spokane headshot photograph of Danny Davis, local real-estate agent and excellent human.

Business Headshots: Danny Davis

I met Danny Davis a long time ago - in high school in fact - and while we were friends then, I would say our friendship has grown over the past couple years. Starting with his incredible wedding two summers ago, that I was privileged to be at, and growing ever since then. So when he asked me to take a new headshot for him I said "I probably wouldn't take it like most headshots" to which he replied "perfect". Obviously a headshot needs certain things, but the difference that I like to do is use natural light, natural colors, to get warmer tones and a more relatable feel. I've had the privilege of doing some others headshots recently as well. I'm pumped to be able to share these business headshots with everyone.




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