19 Jul

Incredible North Idaho Rustic Barn Wedding: Brock & Amanda

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Photo collages of bride and her bridesmaids getting their makeup done on her wedding day.

Incredible North Idaho Rustic Barn Wedding: Brock & Amanda

Every time I post a wedding I through a long and incredibly frustrating process of trying to cull down the photos to the very best. I want each wedding on the blog to be concise, beautiful, and unique, shining with personality, but not so long that you get bored, or want to move on. I'd love to tell you I could do this with Brock and Amanda's wedding. I'd love to tell you that I brought their blog down to a beautiful 65 images or something like that. But I can't. Brock and Amanda had a wedding that was beautiful from beginning to end, each moment with it's own beauty, it's own moments. From an emotional first look and ceremony, to a ton of laughter and fun during dancing, to some incredible locations and moments with their portraits. I found each moment beautiful, and it was hard for me to say "people shouldn't see this photo".


Because of this, Brock and Amanda's wedding blog features more photos than I would normally put into a blog. You'll see more bridal party photos, more candids, more moments that I just couldn't say no to this time around. You'll notice a lot of photos of just the bride - because she was incredible. Each vendor did such a great job. Alyssa Walsh did an incredible job with Amanda's makeup, and Stephanie Napier (with All Tressed Up) made Amanda's hair exactly what we needed for this day. Robyn Bruns with Red Letter Events made the day go so smoothly, and I loved the floral arrangements by Lacey Phelan (with Roses and Lace). Dave, with Audio Affiliated kept them dancing all night, and Kyle Vandever was there capturing it all on video. Without any of these people, their day wouldn't have been the same. 

Instead, it was incredible. 

So I hope you enjoy this wedding blog. It sure took me a bunch of time to put it all together, to gather the pieces, to put the moments together in a way that would be concise, without leaving out the moments that people would want to see. The great ideas, the beautiful locations, and of course, the amazing people. I love photographing weddings, and this is a great example of why. 





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