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Coeur d'Alene Photographer: Jamo & Aimee

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Future Bride and Groom on a bridge, with the groom looking at the bride, and the bride at the camera.

Coeur d'Alene Photographer: Jamo & Aimee

They met at Red Robin. Aimee was visiting from Connecticut and her friend took her to hang with with his friends. Jamo was there, and he remembers her. He remembers that pretty girl, with the curly hair. 

Aimee doesn't remember. To be fair, there were about 8 new people to her, and only one new person for Jamo. Plus, after that night Aimee would fly home, and they wouldn't see each other for several years. 

The time they both remember is when Aimee moved out to the Northwest. Her friend invited her to come hang out so she did - they didn't tell her they were playing ultimate frisbee though. She wasn't able to play, so she watched. This is when Jamo and her talked for the first time. After ultimate frisbee Jamo, Aimee, and their other friend went out for some drinks, they laughed, had a good time, and made fun of peoples Tinder profiles. It was a memorable night. 

Jamo, being the good guy he is, would spark up conversation over the next couple days via text, and include her when his friend hung out. 

She couldn't make it. 

It took several months, but Jamo was finally starting to get the idea that Aimee didn't want to come hang out (she says she truly was busy) but he decided he'd try one more time, and invited her to the fair. It was at the fair that things went really well, they played carnival games, looked at the animals and so forth. The real moment occurred when Jamo's friends were headed off to see a movie, but Aimee couldn't go (she had to be somewhere in about an hour), so instead of going to the movie, Jamo decided to stay with Aimee. 

They hit it off (or continued to hit it off, may be more accurate) and they talked over some beer. It was after that, that they would start talking over the phone for hours, and begin to fall in love with each other. When they would start missing each other on trips, and eventually realize that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together - they wanted to get married. I'm so pumped to be the person to capture that moment. 



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