26 Nov

Spokane Wedding Photographer: Conner & Dani's Deer Park Wedding

Posted by Brent Looyenga
Collage of photos of the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready on the wedding day, which took place near SPOKANE WASHINGTON.

Spokane Wedding Photographer: Conner & Dani's Deer Park Wedding

Conner and Dani are amazing. They are kind, friendly, and have many friends (look no further than their bridal party). I enjoyed every minute with them, from their snow storm, impromptu engagement session on the side of the road, to their incredible first look. A first look that I was not ready for.

I remember it so well even now, after getting Conner in the right spot, Dani came out of the house and made a little comment to one of her bridesmaids who was helping her. At the sound of her voice, Conner got emotional. You could see it all over his face, the simple sound of his future wife took this charismatic, kind, awesome dude to tears. You can tell her loves Dani so much, that he couldn't be more excited to be marrying this incredible woman, his bride. I am so pumped to share these memories, these moments with you. 





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