02 Jan

Spokane Engagement Photography: Eddie & Bryona

Posted by Brent Looyenga
An engaged couple kissing with fall colors behind them.

Spokane Engagement Photography: Eddie & Bryona

The first time Eddie saw Bryona, he turned to his friend that was standing with him and said "I'm going to date that girl." Problem was, at the time, she had a boyfriend (and he had a girlfriend). Of course, he didn't know that, and she didn't know he had a girlfriend (although that wasn't working out so well, and Eddie knew he was going to break up with her). Anyway, Eddie's biggest problem was that he didn't know Bryona. So he called over her best friend (whome he shared a class with) and asked if she could help him with some questions from their mutual class (he had an A in the class, but hey, he needed all the help he could get). Anyway, because Bryona was with her, he got the introduction. 


I asked Bryona about this first interaction, and she says she remembers it, but didn't think anything of Eddie at the time. She was in a relationship, and was therefore not thinking one way or the other when it came to her "next" boyfriend. 

Over time, Eddie would find ways to talk with her, whether it was feeding her the massive amounts of meet he was given every week (that's kind of a long story) or whether it was helping her with her biology class. However, the first time she asked him for help it was at 1am the day before her paper was due. Eddie said "it looked great" and went back to his beer. Of course, Bryona didn't do so well on the paper, and she got quite mad at him for "approving" the paper when it wasn't so good. Eddie said "it was the night before, at one a.m. and I was half drunk. Of course I thought I was a good paper" It was after this that he began actually helping her with her biology class (which she passed). 

Anyway, Bryona realized she started to like Eddie when he asked her out (after he had broken up with his girlfriend). She said "no way" because she thought he still had a girlfriend. And when he told her that they broke up, she didn’t' believe him. So he had to wait one month to ask again (her rule, not his). And exactly one month later, on December 14th, they started dating (he asked on the 1 month mark, exactly, to the minute). So, a couple weeks ago on December 14th, I had the privilege of being there and capturing these two go from dating to married, to go from "I'll be with you" to "I'll be with you for the rest of my life". It was awesome and I can't wait to share those moments with you. Until then, I have some of their engagement photos we took. :) 



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