17 Jan

North Idaho Winter Wedding: Cody & Lindsay

Posted by Brent Looyenga
The bridesmaids are getting ready for the wedding day as they do makeup and unwrinkled the dress.

North Idaho Winter Wedding: Cody & Lindsay

Cody and Lindsay were praying for snow. We didn't get any snow before the wedding, or really after, but the day before the wedding it snowed beautiful white snow, a good couple inches. It was beautiful and fit the theme of the wedding so well, from the portraits to the fireworks, it was exactly what we wanted.

Cody and Lindsay are such great people, which isn't just obvious from getting to know them, but also their friends. There are so many great things to say about them, from their two adopted children, to how they treat others. I am so excited to share their wedding photos with you, the big moments but also the small ones. The hug Cody shares with his son is beautiful, and Lindsay's dance with her dad was as well. It wasn't just the moments I normally remember, such as the first look, but it was the little things as well. So check it out! 



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