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Washington wedding Venue at night

Spokane Photographers: Wedding Details

Wedding venues vary in so many ways and degrees - from classy and elegant to rough and rustic - each having their own flavor and uniqueness. But we can't simply limit ourselves to actual wedding venues, such as this beautiful house that the bride grew up in, created an incredible and beautiful venue for a "on the farm" type wedding while still having that typical wedding polish. Tim and Kelsey's wedding featured some incredible moments, including something i've enver seen before - a cover of Flight of the Concords song "Business Time" by the groom. 


Brent Looyenga is a Spokane Wedding Photographer based out of Coeur d’Alene. He loves people and specializes in wedding, engagement, family, and senior photography. You can like Looyenga Photography on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. 

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