19 Feb

Beyond Weddings: My Family

Posted by Brent Looyenga

Beyond Weddings: My Family

While the wedding season is creeping close and i'm starting to fill out my calendar i wanted to take some time to look at something else. A blessing that was one huge reason i was able to start photography in the first place, my son Isaiah. Way back in 2012 my wife and I found out that she was pregnant. While completely terrifying in so many ways i was excited. But it wasn't until my son was born and i saw him for the first time, held him and listened to him did my heart begin to grow. It was several weeks later that something hit me; i loved my son more than anything i had ever loved on this planet before.

 It was Isaiah however, before he was born, that allowed me to buy my first camera. A good dslr isn't something to be laughed at. They are expensive. And so up to that point, i had no reason in my life to drop $1000 on something i would use to take pictures of mountains and flowers. But with Isaiah coming, it gave me the perfect excuse to buy it, because with it,  i would be able to document my son growing old. This is what took my beautiful wife, Crystal, from a "meh, i don't know" to an "ok, go for it". 

Obviously my use for the camera and passion for photography grew much further than taking baby pictures (in fact, baby pictures are one of the things i like to do the least). Last weeks post talks more about the technical side of how i learned about photography. But it's what happened beyond the weddings that i shot that i will remember the most. My son growing old is something that will forever be with me. Pictures of random times in the house are some of my most cherished. He was one of the perfect subjects for me to experiment with lighting, focus and sharpness. It also helped that he just looked good in everything. At least that's what my biased father eyes told me. 

Isaiah made taking pictures for the holidays even more fun, yet also more challenging. While in this photo Isaiah was about 6 months old and super cute, but when it came to family photos it was hard to get everyone in. The light in this photo, while it looks like i may have used a softbox, i actually used the flash bouncing technique i talked about in an earlier post

I used to watch Isaiah during the day while my wife was working because my college classes were at night. This gave me some amazing time to experiment with window light.

You can see his hair growing in each picture. One of the many joy's of documenting him growing up. By this time he was able to walk and "talk". This is also about as long as his hair got before we had it cut. 

Isaiah loves the camera, but mainly to attack it. Here is what he looked like after his first haircut. Very different. Again that window lighting really coming in handy. 

This photo was taken a couple days ago as he played on Crystal's ipad. Which he wasn't supposed to be doing. Regardless, he's my son, and i love him. 


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