07 May

My Family: Turning Two

Posted by Brent Looyenga

My son, Isaiah, turns two this month. Unfortunately for myself i'll be shooting a wedding in Los Angeles on that day, so we're celebrating about a week earlier. This got me thinking, as we prepare our invites and so forth, how much he's grown up in the last year. His hair is no longer long and curly, he isn't nearly as chubby, he's way better at running, he can talk, communicate, and he definitely knows what we are asking him to do (whether he does it is a completely different story). 


This is Isaiah on his first birthday. I'm looking forward to putting a bunch of photos in order as he grows up, one year after another. Isaiah showed so much personality even at one year old, and now that he's two it's weird to think, but he looks so much more like a little boy. There is nothing greater than being a Dad. And while i shy away from shooting baby's, i love taking pictures of my son. 

 I took this photo yesterday. He had just woken up, and we really wanted to get a photo for the birthday invite. Well, needless to say he isn't in a great mood when he wakes up, unless you let him cuddle and sit around for about 30 minutes. We didn't have that kind of time, so we did our best and got him dressed. He loves going outside, so we got him outside just fine, but then it started to rain. That's when i took this gem. The little guy was so ready to go out on his Stryder, but instead i had to take him inside. He was quite upset he didn't get to play where he wanted to, and he let me know it. It was heartbreaking. It still amazes me how he can have such a control over my emotions with a simple face. I try to be consistent and firm, and he is beginning to learn the things he can do, and the things he can't. And even though he has "moments", there has never been a single point in his life that i haven't loved him more than anything else on this earth. He's a blessing to my wife and I. Here's to another amazing year as a father. 


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