My Name Is Brent Looyenga, and I’d Love to Tell You a Little Bit about Myself

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It would seem noteworthy that I have four main passions. Photography is a huge one, and it really influences and is influenced by my other three. The greatest part about photography is it can capture things, and as someone who has a growing family, I couldn't be more appreciative. I don't consider my family a passion as much as they are my life. They are how I act out and live my passions every day. This brings me to my biggest passion; God. God has played an integral part in my life, and ministry flows from everything I do. He plays a center role in my family and marriage, in my conversations, actions, and who I choose to be every day. He is my main passion, first and foremost. The thing I love about photography is that it can capture God's creation and hold it there, allowing countless others to see what he has done - not just in creation, but in relationships and people. 

My other passions are basketball and video games. These things are almost polar opposites, one keeps me in shape, the other doesn't. But I love both immensely, and love doing both with my family and friends. These things are ways I can have fun, socialize, and just be me.

When it comes to photography, I have been lucky, and am very happy that it is something that continues to bless me. It's always great to have a job you love, and for me, things are great.


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