Family/Maternity Photos

Family photos are one of those things that almost always come with a negative connotation. They don't sound like fun. They take time. The kids won't cooperate. It can be a hassle. And when you do finally get there in front of the camera, aunt Betty keeps blinking, and little Jonny won't look at the camera, and when he does, no one else is, because they're trying to get him to look at the camera. This is why we try and make sure family photos are fun. Shooting on location and doing fun things with the kids can change a shoot. Capturing genuine moments and real smiles can mean the difference between a photo you love forever, and one that gets replaced next year. Furthermore, we recognize that a family has many different parts. Do the parents want a romantic shot of just them? No problem. A shot of just the kids? Easy. Because you get digital copies of the shoot, you don't have to pick just one or two poses. You are only limited by time and creativity. Each family is unique, and we are here to capture it. 

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