Video Weddings

Finding a photographer is incredibly important to a wedding. He captures each moment in a freeze frame that can be put on your wall to be remembered forever. But equally important is someone to capture that whole moment. While the photographer might capture that one look the bride gave the groom before she smothered the cake in his face, a videographer can capture it all. The look, the smear, the smiles and laughs, the kiss after. This is the most beautiful part about video. It captures large moments, funny and touching, and puts them in a place so that you can remember them forever.

This is the other part about videography that is highly important. Receiving a highly polished video of the day that isn't so long no one wants to watch it is hugely important.  This is why each package comes with a 5-7 minute "highlight" video. Friends and family can experience the love, emotion, and joy that went into the day, without committing an hour or two to watch the raw videos. This highlight video is shared online and makes it easy for all friends and family to share it with you.

Furthermore, we recognize that DVDs are becoming less and less relevant, and while they provide very nice convenience and presentation, they do not provide the highest image quality. This is why we always provide the HD files on a custom USB drive, so that if you do want to watch every moment recorded, you could, in beautiful 1080p.

It's important that we tell the whole story of your wedding. This doesn't start when you see your future husband or wife for the first time on the wedding day, or when you get to the church, it starts when you wake up to get your makeup done, or put the tux on. Because of this we want to be there when you start. We want to get the details of the dress, the jewelry before it goes on, the conversations you have with your friends as you wait. Because all stories have a beginning. And just as they start, so do they end, and because of this we won't leave till you do. This is a standard at Looyenga Photography, and is part of everything we offer.

We have two basic package options. Ultimately, though, your wedding day is about you, so feel free to browse the info below and let us know what we can do to tailor fit a package to your desire.


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