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Two words started it all.

I’m pregnant.

Brent would have wanted his first words to be something like “this is so exciting! I can’t wait to capture every moment of our children’s lives! YES!” Instead, his first thoughts were something like “we’re screwed”. Regardless of all that, it was because Brent’s wife, Crystal, was pregnant with their first child that he was able to convince her to let him buy his first decent camera - “Just think of all the amazing baby photos I could get!”

Brent loves capturing life. Not just his children, but his friends and the places he goes. If he never got paid to take pictures, he still would. This is true now, and it was true then.

So Crystal agreed and they dropped $1100 on a “decent” camera and Brent began to take pictures. Pictures of friends and family, of locations and events, and after the purchase - and several posts to facebook - friends began actually requesting photos. Brent never said “i’m going pro!” - instead, he just loves to do a great job no matter what he’s doing. Because of this, in order to upgrade equipment, Brent charged small amounts, putting everything back into the camera. First it was a lens hood here and a flash there - but as weddings started coming in (5 weddings that first year) investment began going to higher-end equipment - lenses and a new camera body. Things took off, in spite of moving to the Spokane Washington area, the team photographed more and more weddings each year to the point it was supporting the child the camera was meant to take pictures of.

Today, Looyenga Photography will photograph a wedding every weekend June through September, often booking about two years in advance. They will travel all over the world capturing the moments people want to remember forever.


We do things a little different.


Quality Photographs. Always.

We approach several things differently when it comes to getting your pictures to you. A lot of photographers will do a photoshoot with you, but the only way you can get those photos is by purchasing prints from the photographer, oftentimes with a price that is marked up 10x the cost. Furthermore, if you want the digital photos, it’s an additional cost to you. We don’t believe this is the way to go. That’s why it does not matter which package you choose, from the most basic to the most expensive, you will always get high resolution digital copies that you can print, post, and tweet to your heart’s content. The difference is in the quantity and variety, never the quality. This is why you will rarely see print credits in our packages. However, when you do, it’s because we recognize the value of a high quality print, and the convenience of having them delivered to you. Several packages offer things we also find highly valuable, such as high quality custom photo books that can go on a coffee table for guests to look at. What is most important to us is to capture the moment, and then give you images that will help you keep that moment for the rest of your life. A picture can be priceless, and that’s why we do what we do.

Photographers in Spokane
Brent Looyenga - Lead Photographer

Brent Looyenga - Lead Photographer

The Man behind the camera

It would seem noteworthy that I have four main passions. Photography is a huge one, and it really influences and is influenced by my other three. The greatest part about photography is it can capture things, and as someone who has a growing family, I couldn't be more appreciative. I don't consider my family a passion as much as they are my life. They are how I act out and live my passions every day. This brings me to my biggest passion; God. God has played an integral part in my life, and ministry flows from everything I do. He plays a center role in my family and marriage, in my conversations, actions, and who I choose to be every day. He is my main passion, first and foremost. The thing I love about photography is that it can capture God's creation and hold it there, allowing countless others to see what he has done - not just in creation, but in relationships and people.

My other passions are basketball and video games. These things are almost polar opposites, one keeps me in shape, the other doesn't. But I love both immensely, and love doing both with my family and friends. These things are ways I can have fun, socialize, and just be me.

When it comes to photography, I have been lucky, and am very happy that it is something that continues to bless me. It's always great to have a job you love, and for me, things are great.

The Looyenga Family on the Oregon Coast in 2018

The Looyenga Family on the Oregon Coast in 2018

The People Who make the man

If we ever get the chance to meet, you’ll find I talk a lot about the people in this photo. My incredible wife is someone who has passion, love, beauty, and the best heart. She is the love of my life, my helper, my better half. I’m challenged every day to love her more, to love her as Christ loved the church. And while I fail (all the time) she is someone who continues to love me, support me, and give me grace. If it weren’t for this amazing woman, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

My two boys make me more proud than anything else on this planet. They are literally the reason I started taking photos in the first place. My boys and their lives frame the decisions I make every day. My love for them is beyond description, as i’m sure many of you parents can relate to. I love them.


My Family

My good friend Zach Nichols took this photo of my wife and I.