Photo Story

Photo Stories are completely different than any other slideshow out there. Imagine if photos could speak. Imagine if the emotion you had when you saw your wife for the first time was captured not just in an image, but also in audio. If you could hear your father's voice quiver while giving you away, or giving you his toast. Imagine if the vows you wrote weren't just kept in a box somewhere, but you could listen to them, while seeing timeless photos of your once-in-a-lifetime day. Imagine if the raw emotion that no one normally remembers, was captured. Photo Stories bring in high quality audio from your whole day and put it to music and the photos. It tells yours story, from the engagement session that tells how you met, to the wedding day that tells how the rest of your life started. It captures so much more than photos ever could, so much more than anyone could remember. These are included with the All-Out Wedding Package, but are a central feature to Looyenga Photography. Contact us to have it for your wedding.