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Wedding photography is a tricky thing. Many photographers will say one thing, and mean another. I’m not that way. I love photographing weddings, and I love capturing those moments. So below i’m going to tell you what I mean. I’m also going to do that super annoying thing and not actually tell you any prices until you email me. It’s a long story, but hey, this means we get to talk, and i’m pumped for it!

We have three wedding packages, all come with some amazing things. The more I learn about the industry and the more I learn about other photographers, the more I realize how weird it is for me to offer what I do in all three packages. What is normally included only in a top-tier wedding package is included in all of mine. The thing is, I believe that these things are too important to leave out. They change your day, not just in terms of the photos you receive, but how you experience your wedding day. And while I can write what's included here, nothing beats a face to face meeting, with real examples, real faces, and some great coffee. I would love to meet with you. But until then, here's what's included in all wedding photography packages.


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All Day Coverage

This is something you might hear from a lot of photographers. However, for most, "all day" means 10 hours, or 8 hours. The thing is, your wedding day is going to be much longer than 8 to 10 hours. If I look back on previous weddings i've photographed, had I left after 10 hours there would have been so much that I would have missed. That's why I talked about it in a blog I wrote a couple of years ago. When it comes to your wedding photography, I want to capture your story. I want to be there for everything. But ultimately, having a wedding photographer covering your whole day isn't just about how many photos you get, it's about you being able to plan your wedding the way you want to.


If you have a photographer that is there for 10 hours, then you need to plan your day around when he/she will arrive and leave. You're making sure all the "important" things occur within that time frame. But what if you run late (which you probably will) or if someone thing goes wrong (which will probably happen); you don't want to stress about the photographer missing this or that; being there all day means you can say "whatever, i know we'll get it. :)" - where the emoji is an actual smile, of course. ;) - The point is, you have flexibility. You want more bridal party photos? You have time! schedule it in. More portraits? You have time! Because we are there all day, you can have your wedding the way you want it, and you know it will be captured.

Digital Files

This is another thing that if you're just checking off "wedding photography musts" a lot of photographers will have a little check there. Today, most photographers will give you some sort of digital file with your wedding. The problem is, "digital files" is a very ambiguous and vague term. Are these the full quality files? - Or low resolution ones? Is there a watermark? Are they edited, and to what degree? How are my photos chosen, and how many do I get? All these are very important questions. With us, we want you to have your photos. We want you to be able to print them big and small, and where you want to. We have our pro labs, but you are never required to use them. We give you the full resolution, unwatermarked, digital image. We edit the photos not just for color, but also for minor blemishes, as well as extra tweaks to make you look your best in every photo. I would love to talk more about this with you, which is why I encourage you to utilize our free consultation, and let me buy you a coffee. :)

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Engagement Photos

This is one of those things a lot of people think "oh, I don't need those" or "we just got those done!" and in some cases, we take it out. But to be clear, we don't include engagement photos in every wedding photography package so you can have engagement photos - That's certainly an awesome bonus, but it's not why it's there. Ultimately there aren't a lot of people who are comfortable in front of a camera. They wonder if we will give any direction, or if they need to come up with ideas themselves. They wonder where to put their hands, where to look, whether to smile or not. Everyone has a lot of questions going into a photo shoot that makes them nervous - "will I like the way I look?". And ultimately, the engagement session is meant to answer all these questions.


We want to get to know you, work with you, and see how you interact. But you also get a chance to work with us, and get to know us, and learn how we give direction, and communicate. This way on your wedding day you aren't nervous about the pictures. You can simply say "oh yeah, I loved how the engagement photos turned out!" and be confident in that. And because you're confident, you look better. This mindset extends all the way to our first meeting. Developing a relationship and trust is one of the most important aspects of making sure your wedding day is incredible, and making sure we have great pictures of that incredible day. It starts with your free consultation, continues through your incredible engagement photos, and ends with one of the biggest days of your life.

It is YOUR wedding. Not mine.


Those three things makeup something incredible. Your wedding photos are the only thing you will have with you once the day is done. The beautiful venue, the food, the flowers, all of it will be gone. We want tell your story, and present them in a beautiful and timeless way. But we have other packages too! Ones that include not just one photographer all day, but two. We have some incredible photo albums that will make sharing your day so much more personal, elegant, and beautiful. We have something called a Photo Story, which is one of the coolest things i've ever seen when it comes to how to share your wedding day. But ultimately, I can only tell you about these things so well over text, so for the last time, let me buy you coffee, and let's talk about your day. :)