Spokane Engagement Photographer: Gabe & Bethany

Their family's knew each other for years, but Gabe was one of the only Varela's Bethany had never really spent any time with. She told me that she did have a crush on him. He was always the older brother who was cute, with that great smile. But they never hung out. Instead, Bethany's ties were more with Gabe's mom (who was in 4h with her) and with Gabe's siblings. 

 Anyway, fast forward several years and we have the first time both of them remember speaking with each other. It was at a wedding at Gabe's mothers house. They talked on the swing for a little bit. Bethany told me that she was "very nervous" and Gabe remembered it being a pleasant conversation, but not much more. It would be several years more years before they would really talk again, and that time would be very different.

 Honestly, I can't quite remember what it was that was their next interaction, if they watched Forest Gump first on New Years (Bethany had NEVER seen Forest Gump) or if they went snow shoeing, but that part doesn’t matter as much - the point is they started seeing each other more often.

 In the end, it really came down to a couple things. The two would see each other several times culminating in the "wine tasting dinner." It was after this night that Gabe would tell Bethany that she looked beautiful, and that he would realize he really had started to like her. This would also be the night that Bethany would freak out, over think it (her words, not mine) and text Gabe the next day and tell him she just "wanted to be friends." The thing that's so funny about this is two fold. One, this crushed Gabe. He told me that when they went swing dancing later that week, he danced with all the other girls there except Bethany - which in turn, crushed Bethany. It did this because Bethany wanted way more than to be just friends, and it wasn't until she said it (because she was freaking out) that she realized she wanted Gabe to be so much more. It was also this moment that Gabe would realize that he wanted more.

The thing Bethany did to keep distance ultimately made them move closer together. "it delayed everything about 3 weeks" Gabe said. Then they were back to normal, and hanging out together all the time. The rest is history. :) Being able to photograph their wedding, to capture some of the best moments of their lives is something I am SO pumped for. Wedding photography has that unique advantage of two people just loving on each other, and this wedding will be no different.