Downtown Spokane Engagement: Ryan & Sarah's River Front Park Engagement

There are a lot of guys that can probably relate to the “cute girl in line” problem. That is to say, you’re standing in line for coffee, and you want to talk to the cute girl in line behind you, but you don’t really know a great way to do it. Furthermore, if you DO talk to that beautiful woman, what do you say, and how do you make yourself seem kind, generous, and genuine? So what do most guys do? They just don’t do anything.

Ryan isn’t most guys. In fact, it didn’t take me long to realize this when we met for coffee. He’s direct, intelligent and kind. He knew what he wanted, had the right questions to ask, but was also graciously listened to the answers. Sarah is such a great match for him, with her kidneys and energy, these two seem to fit so well.

And that’s exactly what they found out shortly after Ryan decided to talk to the girl behind him in line at Starbucks. After buying her coffee, he then struck up a conversation with her that lasted over two hours. Sarah was interested almost immediately, and it was really that one moment that would kickstart their relationship, that one choice by Ryan to buy one extra coffee, is changing his life forever. The cool part, I get to be the one to capture that moment this coming November.