Spokane Photographer: Taylor & Lynsie's Country Engagement

Taylor loved going to Capones. Good food, good beer, friendly service. But one day when he arrived he found out that the beer he liked to drink the most (I'm guessing, but I THINK it was a Coors light in a bottle) they no longer carried, so he had to drink it from a can, or something like that. The drink isn't that important, it's the fact that it wasn't what he normally had. Lynsie noticed. Why was the cute guy not drinking what he always had?

So she decided to talk to him. She walked right up to him and said "a can hu?" - You know, the kind of pickup line you’d expect.

They would talk briefly and Taylor would note one thing - Lynsie was a pretty darn awesome girl. So he offered to buy her a drink. When this happened, Lynsie thought one thing "free beer? Deal." so she said yes. She then asked him if he wanted to come sit with her and her friend (Zach). This was the beginning, and certainly not the end. They would talk, have a good time, and Taylor would get her number at the end of it all. Their first "date" would be when Taylor joined Lynsie for church on Easter Sunday. When she invited him and he actually said yes she was like "oh, really?" not a normal date to be sure, but certainly a good one to see where people are at.

These two are amazing, and taking their engagement photos in such a beautiful area was a huge blessing. They made things so easy on me, and getting to know them was awesome. Not only that though, seeing their little family, and how much love there is among them was awesome. Being their wedding photographer this coming summer for their wedding is something I am so excited for.