Spokane Engagement Photographer: Tony & Stephanie

I met Tony way back in 7th grade. It's pretty crazy to think about, but this year I'll be photographing two friends from that time in my life. It's amazing to think about how far we have come, how much life has changed, how lucky we are. And Tony definitely lands in that category, as his fiance Stephanie is amazing. She's kind, energetic, and well spoken. They work so well together.

I know the first time they met Tony just thought of Stephanie as the "nice sheltered girl" but they never really talked. It wasn't until later that they would start to see each other a lot more as Tony was roommates with one of Stephanie's best friends. They would watch movies she'd never seen, talk into the night, and spend time together. It wasn't long before Tony was in pursuit of the woman of his dreams, and Stephanie would eventually also see that Tony was the man she wanted to marry, that he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

I can't wait to photograph their wedding, to be there when they both say "I do", to be there when they not only tell the state, but they tell their friends, family and God that they want to be with each other forever, that they want no one else. It's beautiful and powerful, and I'm so lucky to be able to capture it.