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Spokane Wedding Photographer: Tony & Stephanie's Old-Time Style Foxwood House Wedding

20 years ago I met Tony. He was kind, thoughtful, loved sports and was always positive. He worked hard and always had pride in his family and what they did. It wouldn't be uncommon to hear about what his Dad was doing, or what they had started to do. We played basketball together. Then life happened. Tony did his thing, I did mine, and while I never once though of him as not my friend, we were both working on this thing called "life" that seemed so complicated back then, but we never really knew what that meant. Fast forward roughly 19 years I get a call from my friend Tony (yes, I still had his number in my phone). Turns out, he was getting married to an incredible and beautiful woman named Stephanie.

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Spokane Engagement Photographer: Tony & Stephanie

I met Tony way back in 7th grade. It's pretty crazy to think about, but this year I'll be photographing two friends from that time in my life. It's amazing to think about how far we have come, how much life has changed, how lucky we are. And Tony definitely lands in that category, as his fiance Stephanie is amazing. She's kind, energetic, and well spoken. They work so well together.

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