Spokane Maternity Shoot: Brendon & Kaylee

A couple years ago I photographed an incredible wedding at Arbor Crest. It was unique, beautiful and fun - and it featured some amazing people. Brendon and Kaylee had a wedding that I’ll always remember, from an incredible first look, to an epic sunset on the rocks overlooking beautiful Arbor Crest. I had so much fun at their wedding, and it was such a highlight for me to see them again, almost exactly a year later (it was about a year and a month) at Brendon’s best mans wedding, Will.


Will and Britta also had an incredible wedding, and I loved the opportunity that gave me to get to know them better, but also Brendon and Kaylee. And now, I had the huge honor of capturing them as they begin to start a family. Kaylee is radiant, and I know Brendon is going to be an incredible father. I can't wait to see this family grow.