Spokane Photographer: Jason & Caitlin's Trezzi Farm Wedding

Jason and Caitlin and every kind of wedding. Sunny, rainy, cloudy - but the weather wasn’t all of it. There were moments of pure joy, laughter, uniqueness (i’m looking at you children’s book in the middle of the ceremony), love and of course a ton of good times. Their wedding was filled with these memories, these moments, and I loved capturing them, these people that make up the fabric of Jason & Caitlin’s lives. Their wedding venue was also amazing, as Trezzi Farms always is, and complimented them in such amazing ways. But the things that really stick out to me are things like Caitlin’s smile, how genuine and beautiful it is, and Jason’s kind words. They are people with many friends, and kind families. Capturing their wedding day was a huge privilege, and i’m so excited to be sharing their photos with you.