Spokane Photographers: Beautiful Lakeside Engagement with Andy and Malissa

They met in a parking lot. Yes, romantic hu? Not only was it in a parking lot, but it was also on a work trip, AND neither of them were available at the time. So yeah, I can't say sparks flew on first sight. In fact, the reason they met was because one of Andy's friends had left the keys in the car, and him, nor his friends could reach the keys through the cracked window. Enter the beautiful young woman Malissa, who's arm could reach through the cracked window and grab the keys. And thus, a friendship began. While on that trip, Andy, Malissa, and the other people they were with formed a friendship. This friendship continued over several years, but nothing could develop there, after all, neither of them were available - until they were. It was several years ago now but once they were both single for the first time, Andy didn't waste much time in asking Malissa to go on a date with him. And even though their first year was long distance, these two not only made it work, but they thrived. Now, almost 3 years after they first said "let's go on a date" they are getting married!