Coeur d'Alene Engagement Photographer: Brandon & Mattea

They met on the way to a bonfire. It was a while ago (they've been dating for over 5 years) so the memory is a little fuzzy, but it seem like they were in pursuit of some beer. It's amazing at alcohol's ability to bring people together, and this is no different. When Mattea saw Brandon for the first time, she thought "oh, he's cute". They talked the whole way to the fire, and even though Brandon initially had his eye on a different girl, he ended up talking with Mattea the whole night. Toward the end of that night, Mattea gave Brandon her number and he would text her a couple days later. Their relationship would continue to build and evolve over the years as they got closer and closer. Brandon told me the desire to marry Mattea wasn't a thing that spontaneously came upon him, but rather it was something that built up over time as they grew to know each other. Now I get to photograph their wedding. I have the chance to be there when they say "I want you, and no other." And that's beautiful. I'm looking forward to their north Idaho wedding this summer.