Coeur d'Alene Engagement Photographer: Damian & Izzie's Forest Lake Engagement

They met online, as many people do these days. Although, it wasn't the normal way. It wasn't on, or Tinder, or anything like that. It was on a forum (basically). Izzie had replied to something Damian had said, and that sparked a conversation. Well, that went for a little while and interest was stirred. They both quickly realized that they both have a lot of interests in common, from their love of cars, to even religion, things seemed to just - work.

The thing is, Damian had started a new job recently and he was having a hard time getting online to reply to Izzie - his solution? Get her phone number. This initially made Izzie very nervous, but she eventually decided that she would give him her number. This caused a chain of long conversations, first text, then phone, then facetime. Their relationship grew and grew - even though they had never seen each other. Finally, Damian invited izzie to come out and see him in person. She told me that she knew Damian was the man she would marry the second she walked off the plane and ran into his arm. It was a beautiful moment, and that feeling, that "I'm going to marry this man" moment, is now coming true. What an awesome couple.