Spokane Engagement Photographer: Sam & Shea's Engagement Photos

Sam and Shea knew about each other way before they ever really got to know each other. Their friends were friends. The first time they ever really talked Shea was having a party at her house, and Sam's roommate was going, so he invited Sam. Sam had known about Shea through various stories (some involving garage doors) and decided to go - he wasn't doing anything anyway.

They both had an amazing time - apart. They didn’t' REALLY talk all that much, but what did happen is a couple days later they all ended up going skiing. Sam and his friends needed a car, so Shea said they could use hers as long as they let her sleep in the car on the way up the mountain. So they did - and she did - and once they got there they skied all day (even though Sam wanted to take a lunch break. Shea shut that down quick, gave him a Cliff Bar, and said "let's go"

I asked Sam what he thought of Shea at the time, and he said nothing, really. They were friends, she was attractive, but there was no pursuit there.

It was maybe a week later, they both decided to go up skiing again, but this time off piste (not at a ski resort, but in the back country). I asked "oh, was this when you guys hit it off??"

Nope. In fact, this is where Sam walked so far ahead of her that they could barely talk. What this DID do, however, was cement each other as friends. People that would want to do stuff together, and talk.

What this naturally led to was them doing a lot of things together, one very notable thing was when they ended up going swing dancing with a bunch of their friends. Afterward, they stopped to get some food, and because Sam drove, Shea bought him a beer and fries. It was this moment that changed everything for Sam. He had met a girl that would not only go skiing with him, but also hike, and dance, and even get him some food and beer.

For Shea, she was just being nice.

Sam was pretty excited though, so he asked her out on a date that night. Shea, thinking he just wanted to go get some food, said yes. It was about halfway through the date that she realized, that he thought it was a date!

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"it was pretty awkward after that" Sam told me. And Shea stopped texting him unless it was in a group chat - which I personally found very hilarious. Over time those things stopped, and they would start hanging out again. Shea was not wanting a boyfriend, nor was she looking for one. But finally, after an hour long conversation on the phone because Sam was on a trip, she realized - she really liked this guy.

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Sam and Shea were SO fun to do engagement photos with, and getting to know them, and their stories was a blast. They are two people that love each other, and I can't wait to photograph their wedding up in Sandpoint this October!