Engagement Photographer: Alex and Kayla's North Idaho Engagement

They met in high school. They had some mutual friends, and Alex just showed up at Kayla's house one day. I asked them if either of them were interested from the start, but that didn't happen. But neither of them were repelled by each other either. In fact, they became friends! I tried to understand when the thought process between "oh we're good friends" changed to "oh, I want to date this person" and for both of them, it was a couple months after they met. They had been hanging out every day, and so their friends could see it coming, but eventually they realized they liked each other. So one day, when they were out eating pizza (At Boston Pizza, to be specific) Alex grabbed Kayla's hand. She told me that when it happened she was like "woah! Ok! I'm ok with this." They would continue to be friends for the next month, but around senior prom they would make it official. That was roughly 6 years ago. Now, Alex's first girlfriend ever, will be his only girl; his wife. I can't wait to photograph their wedding next July.