Engagement Photographer: Kevin & Lauren's sunset farm engagement

They met on Tinder. Kevin was the first person Lauren had ever met with, and she had only downloaded the app the day before. To say she was nervous when they met at the bar for some drinks is probably an understatement, but it doesn’t take a genius to know it went decently well. I would say it wasn't "the most amazing thing ever" because Lauren said their first two dates were "a little awkward."

But that didn't really stop these two amazing people from spending time together, as they went on their first three dates within the first week, and were officially dating around one week later from the time they first met. Lauren said it was by the third date that she started to realize, Kevin was something special. These two fit so well together, and neither of them had to take a long time to realize that. Now I get to be witness - or even more so - I get to capture them saying "I want you and no other." It's going to be beautiful - and I can't wait.