Coeur d'Alene Engagement: Rob & Christina's Lakeside Sunset Engagement

They met in high school. In fact, they both liked each other in high school. Now, stories that start like this often go the route of "they met and dated in high school, they were on and off a little in college, but finally they realized that they were the one, and they got together for good". Well, in Rob and Christina's case, this isn't true. In fact, the only move either of them made in high school was Christina's random kiss just after guitar practice.

She kissed, Rob, then ran out of the room. This was so random, in fact, Rob thought she and her friends were playing a joke on him, and that she in fact did not like him (even though he liked her).

So he did nothing. And therefore, they would go all of high school liking each other, but neither one doing anything about it. Enter the post high school days, and rob would ask Christina out on a date. Christina, who has had a crush on him for years, says yes, and their first couple dates went really well. Conversation flowed, they got along, and they just had a great time together. Then Rob after about the third date, Rob stopped calling. Christina said she thought she had done something wrong - which makes sense because he stopped calling her - but that wasn't true. In fact, Rob still really liked her, but because he was moving to Spokane, and going through a bunch of stuff, he just didn't think he could treat her the way she deserved.

What this means is that they went another couple of years not really talking, and it wasn't until Rob moved back to Coeur d'Alene that he got a "recommended friends" notification on Facebook, and it was Christina. Christina told me that when Rob added her as a friend, and messaged her, her hopes went sky high. She still really liked this guy from high school, and now they had another way to chat.

And that's exactly what they did, they talked on Facebook, then they facetimed, and then finally, after all these years, because official. It may be no surprise then, that after dating officially for only three months these two decided they wanted to be together forever, and so now they are getting married! It's going to be a beautiful and amazing day, and I can't wait to be there to photograph each and every moment of their wedding.