Spokane Wedding Photographer: Joe & Kenzie's Historic Davenport Wedding

Joe and Kenzie are some amazing people. They are fun, and kind, and make being a wedding photographer awesome. So what happens when these two amazing people (one of them being a HUGE Gonzaga fan) get married on the same day Gonzaga plays in the Elite Eight? Well, you get 30 people standing in the foyer watching the TV the Davenport so kindly setup. And while it certainly was a low for the day when Gonzaga lost, it was actually a great thing that the Gonzaga fans at the wedding (your's truly being one of them) didn’t dwell on it, because we went into the excellent toasts, beautiful first dances, and this amazing thing called the reception. What a day Joe and Kenzie had, and how amazing it is for me that I get to share their photos with you.