Spokane Photographers: Mitch & Serena's Morning Lakeside Engagement

They met 14 some years ago. They worked together at Wal-Mart, and the first time Mitch saw Serena, he actually walked his cart straight into some merchandise. She was that beautiful. Over the course of several years, they would become friends and then date. They would develop a connection and a deep friendship.

Then they broke up.

Fast forward 10 some years and Serena is living in New Mexico, Mitch is doing his thing here locally, and they are friends. They message each other on Facebook and stuff, but nothing could happen - they live too far apart. Well, one day Serena says "I wish I could see you" and Mitch is like "Yeah, that'd be nice, but it's not really possible, as you live in New Mexico" Turns out, she was right around the corner, and after they saw each other, they went out to get some drinks and food. That went super well, even though the whole time both of them were thinking "this would be so cool… buuut"

It wasn't until their second date that week that their feelings would change a little more toward "maybe this could work out". But Serena wasn't convinced. In fact, it took Mitch about a full month to convince Serena that they could date long distance and make it work. That was about a year ago. Now, they are married! These amazing engagement photos were taken only a couple days before their wedding. And I can't wait to share those photos with you as well. :) But until then, here are some engagement photos. :)