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Coeur d'Alene Senior Photographers: Jordan's Senior Pictures

I love going on adventures, saying “lets climb a mountain” and finding epic spots. Sometimes when you’re there, trying to stand on the side of a mountain it doesn’t feel as epic, but later, looking back at the photos, you’re always glad you did it. The other thing I love about taking senior photos is working with a single subject. While I photograph couples, engagements and weddings all the time, it’s a unique challenge to take pictures of one person. It sets them apart, and allows us to do some different things, while also taking away others. My time with Jordan (and his amazing family) was an easy one, as he is my nephew, so we picked huckleberries, saw a bear (well, Jordan’s dad did, not I) and got some amazing photos. Always good times.

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Spokane Senior Photographers: Brett's Senior Photos

There isn’t much to say here except Brett and I had a great time as we wondered through some beautiful scenery, taking some awesome photos. We talked of video games and Star Wars (of course) and ultimately I had a great time. We love a lot of the same things in different ways, Brett loves sports (Hocky), I love it (basketball). He loves video games and Star Wars, and he loves playing music. I may not be a music guy, but I do love taking pictures. Anyway, i’m pumped to be able to share these, and I hope you love his senior photos.

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