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Coeur d'Alene Engagement: Rob & Christina's Lakeside Sunset Engagement

They met in high school. In fact, they both liked each other in high school. Now, stories that start like this often go the route of "they met and dated in high school, they were on and off a little in college, but finally they realized that they were the one, and they got together for good". Well, in Rob and Christina's case, this isn't true. In fact, the only move either of them made in high school was Christina's random kiss just after guitar practice.

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Destination Photographer: Nick & Brianna's Incredible Cliffside Mexico Wedding

What feels like a long time ago I worked with Nick. We parked cars together. He was someone I always enjoyed working with, he was easy to talk to, relatable, kind, hard working (one of the most important factors to having a good coworker). We even went snowboarding together once (we both ended up leaving pretty sore, if I remember correctly, as we both hit a jump a little too hard, a little too fast).

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Destination Wedding: Our Trip to Mexico

Over the last week I had the privilege of flying down to Mexico for Nick and Brianna’s wedding. While there, I took thousands and thousands of photos (yeah, that’s a lot of photos) and I also had the chance to enjoy a little bit of the Mexican culture. We wondered the streets, bought tacos and Churro’s, drank some Tequila, bartered for better deals and sweated (a lot). I loved everything, from the streets paved with rock and the colorful buildings to the palm trees and beaches.

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