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Coeur d'Alene Wedding Photographers: Aimee & Tina's Elk Point Wedding

There is so much I could say about Aimee and Tina’s wedding. I could talk about how we met, and how we got to know each other through the planning process, how this is my first same-sex wedding, or what it was like to pose ten woman in a bridal party. But i’m not really going to talk about any of those things. Instead, I want to reflect on who Aimee and Tina are, and my experience with them.

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Coeur d'Alene Wedding Photographers: Gabe & Bethany's Spring Settlers Creek Wedding

Gabe and Bethany are two amazing people. I’ve known Gabe for several years as I had the privilege of photographing his sisters wedding, and then his younger brothers wedding. Similarly, i’ve loved working with him over the years at other various events and weddings as he has been a key factor in how great Settlers Creek is. To be frank, there’s nothing not to like about Gabe - he’s kind, well spoken and caring. Bethany, whom I haven’t know for as long, is an amazing match. She has always been so considerate and hard working, and her smile is genuine and thoughtful. I have enjoyed every conversation i’ve had with her. Over the last couple years I have gotten to know her and her family at church, and it has only reinforced these opinions of her. So being able to be there when these two people have said “I want you and no other” has been such a privilege for me.

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Spokane Wedding Photographer: Jefthe & Chantilly's JACC Wedding

Jefthe and Chantilly are some truly amazing people - kind, generous and with such a kind spirit. Before photographing their wedding, I had not known them (although some amazing people I know did, such as my incredible wife) but over the course of their engagement photos and several meetings, I have grown to know them more.

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