Spokane Photographer: Incredible Sunset Mountaintop Engagement

So going up to the mountains isn’t always easy, but so often it’s increidbly rewarding. So when Johnny and Shayla asked to go on a drive to one of their favorite places for their engagement photos, I was pumped. We drove along a beautiful river in the canyon, and made our way up along the mountain side. Then I saw it, an incredible spot that was NOT where we planned to go, but it was such an awesome opportunity.

So, we all piled into their truck (meaning I didn’t have all my stuff with me) and went for a drive (that my car couldn’t do) to the very top of this mountain. It was beautiful, with the lakes in the distance, and the orange glow of the sun, it was something I highly enjoyed. It was awesome getting to hear Johnny and Shayla’s story, how they met, and what brought them together. These two are amazing, and I think these photos reflect that. They are people that love the outdoors, love exploring and being in the mountains. I can’t wait for their wedding next year.