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Montana Wedding Photographer: Dillon & Mariah's Montana Lake Wedding

Dillon and Mariah had an incredible day, from the beautiful home in the forest that Mariah got ready at, to the incredible Cedars we did portraits at, and finally to that amazing sunset late into the evening (sunset that day was almost around 10pm). The thing is though, it was Dillon and Moriah who made their day special. It was these two who were kind, and generous, who laugh and look at each other with such kindness. Look no further than their first look, and the way Dillon looks upon his beautiful bride to know the love they share among each other. Or the single tear that came down Mariah’s face as she walked down the aisle to say “I will love you and no other” in front of her best friends and family. I loved being there, and i’m so excited to share these photos with you. :)

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Spokane Engagement Photos: Dillon & Mariah's Downtown Engagement

They met on Tinder. Mariah said she made sure to have plans directly following their first in-person meeting just in case Dillon was "a creep". They met at the coffee shop downtown Sandpoint, and immediately hit it off. In both Mariah and Dillon's case, they thought the other person "didn't quite look like the picture" which makes sense.

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