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Destination Photographer: Nick & Brianna's Incredible Cliffside Mexico Wedding

What feels like a long time ago I worked with Nick. We parked cars together. He was someone I always enjoyed working with, he was easy to talk to, relatable, kind, hard working (one of the most important factors to having a good coworker). We even went snowboarding together once (we both ended up leaving pretty sore, if I remember correctly, as we both hit a jump a little too hard, a little too fast).

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Coeur d'Alene Photographers: Nick & Brianna's Engagement

They met at the romantic, local spot known as the Beacon. I'm sure many people know the place I'm talking about, and also know it isn't as much romantic, as it is social. Because that's who Nick and Brianna are in so many ways, social. They are so fun to talk to and be with, they have magnetic personalities. It was this trait that actually caught Nicks eye when he first met Brianna, she was just having more fun than anyone else. What ended up happening is that they both were at the bar getting drinks for their friends, and ended up talking - but then they didn't stop. They talked for several hours. This freaked Brianna out, so she called her roommate and he came and picked her up.

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