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Wedding Photographers: Joe and Alison's Incredible Montana Wedding

Joe and Alison had one of my favorite weddings of the year in beautiful Montana, just outside Glacier National Park. It wasn’t my favorite because it was so beautiful (which is was) or because there were people there that I knew (which I did). Those things certainly made their wedding even more amazing. No, my highlight was the people - both the Mitzel family (whom I have grown to highly enjoy, both for their compassion, kindness, and love for life) as well as the Lunde family (whom I got to meet for the first time at this wedding). Joe and Alison are two amazing people, two people I would have been friends with had our lives crossed, and two people I felt so privileged to be chosen to capture one of the most important days of their life. So here are some of my favorite photographs from their incredible Montana wedding.

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Coeur d'Alene Engagement Photographer: Joe & Alison

He was Maverick. He didn't really plan it, but he figured "hey, why not, I'll go to this Halloween party". What he didn't know was that Allison had spent all last summer binge watching a movie she had never seen before - Top Gun. So when she saw him come in with his leather jacket and aviators, she knew exactly who he was.

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