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Coeur d'Alene Wedding Photographers: Casey & Diane's Settlers Creek Wedding

There was something amazing about Casey and Diane’s wedding. It wasn’t just the incredible weather, the beautiful details, or the incredible wedding. It was all the people. And often times that comes down to the bridal party (of which I highly enjoyed everyone on this bridal party) but in this case i’m also referring to the guests. Throughout the day we had the chance to meet many of their guests, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Their friends and family made their day even more beautiful, and each moment was something I absolutely loved to photograph. I’m so pumped I get to share these photos with you.

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Coeur d'Alene Wedding Photographers: Gabe & Bethany's Spring Settlers Creek Wedding

Gabe and Bethany are two amazing people. I’ve known Gabe for several years as I had the privilege of photographing his sisters wedding, and then his younger brothers wedding. Similarly, i’ve loved working with him over the years at other various events and weddings as he has been a key factor in how great Settlers Creek is. To be frank, there’s nothing not to like about Gabe - he’s kind, well spoken and caring. Bethany, whom I haven’t know for as long, is an amazing match. She has always been so considerate and hard working, and her smile is genuine and thoughtful. I have enjoyed every conversation i’ve had with her. Over the last couple years I have gotten to know her and her family at church, and it has only reinforced these opinions of her. So being able to be there when these two people have said “I want you and no other” has been such a privilege for me.

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